Our Story

Singing River Farms is owned and operated by Sue House and Scott Carlstrom.  We are located in the Colorado Rocky Mountain foothills above the Mancos Valley.
Scott and Sue believe in getting back to basics and living life as simply as possible.  They grow most of their own organic food, raise chickens for eggs and operate an apiary on the farm. 
They started making natural soap and body care products for themselves so that they could pick and choose their ingredients.  They had no idea that soap making would become such a passion.  Products were given away as gifts and loved so much that Singing River Farms officially started selling to the public.

All Singing River Farms soaps are handcrafted fresh from scratch in small batches with high quality emollient butters and the finest food grade oils using the "cold- process" method.  They use skin-loving and nourishing oils, protective and healing butters, and high quality essential oils or specially formulated Phthalate-free fragrance oils.  Their colored soaps contain only natural botanical materials and earth pigments.  Small batches are poured into "bricks" then cut by hand.  All of our soaps are allowed to cure for a minimum of two months, ensuring a high-quality, long-lasting bar.   All of the naturally occurring glycerin is retained in the soap.  Their soaps are designed to lather well in hard water and to be moisturizing to your skin while living in this dry, high altitude environment.  We hand bevel all the edges of each bar so that it rolls in the hand and glides smoothly over the body.
Singing River Farms lotion sticks and bees in tins are made with organic beeswax from the hives on their farm.  The lotion sticks are one of their most popular products and have even been called "pure indulgence".  The sticks are made with beeswax, exotic unrefined butters, avocado oil infused with organic healing herbs and that's it.  The beeswax forms a protective seal to hold in the moisturizing butters and oils.
Care, love and healing energy go into every product we make.  We hope you like your purchase!